Team Mentality

How to get players to buy into the team make up or identity in order to be successful as a group and not a group of individuals. The job is not easy but it must be done as some coaches have stated but how do we get it done?

Communication is a rare form when it comes to today’s game. Most players especially at younger ages find it hard to communicate on court and that carries over to higher levels as a bad habit. Most players develop the bad habits based on the availability of information. The player of today would spend more time accepting the values of Youtube before they accept the values of hands on coaches trying to show them the proper way to prepare and play the game.

There are more and more videos available of the individual spectacular moves that the need for fundamentals have been lost by players. This drives the aspect of individualism more so than ever. It carries over into the team environment and creates separatism amongst the group. The aspect of scoring and the over inflated emphasis on scoring the ball has also magnified the me first attitude.

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