The Hoops Connection Story

Hoops Connection is the platform that joins the Worldwide Basketball Community together under one umbrella. The sole purpose and function of Hoops Connection is to allow players, coaches, agents, scouts, teams and clubs to connect and find the ideal services you have been looking for. If you are a player and you are looking for a playing opportunity, then why not try and build your profile at Hoops Connection. If you are a player in need of an agent’s services, then why not search Hoops Connection to find the right agent that will suit your needs and find you that perfect opportunity.

Agents that are looking to build your client base for representation, you can now offer your services to players, coaches, teams, scouts, and clubs. Present your profile services and let the basketball sporting world know why you are the preferred agency to be with, and what separates you from the rest of the pack! The more visible you are, the more likely you are to find those in need of your expertise.

Coaches, who are wanting players for teams or are looking for opportunities at coaching a team, or just needing the help of an accredited scout, would find Hoops Connection as a viable source of information. We as coaches have all been there when looking for the right player to join a team. If we make a mistake in our selection it could lead to a depletion in team morale and ultimately cost us a job! There is an old saying among the coaching ranks, “if you haven’t been fired, you haven’t been coaching”! As coaches we all have a wealth of knowledge to impart upon our community and Hoops Connection is a great platform to get started.

Teams and Clubs are all using some type of network to find good candidates to fill positions as players and coaches, but now you can increase your knowledge and resources in finding the right people to help make your group more successful. This is a way for you to reach out to those within the community like coaches, scouts, players, and agents to help in making the best decision for the services needed. It’s quite simple the more knowledgeable you are about who you are dealing with, the more comfortable you will be about your decision.

Basketball is a world game and has a vast network. Hoops Connection is providing the platform for that world network to become more connected and in touch with each other. If you are involved in the world of basketball, then you know how vast and fragmented it can be, and if you do not have the right connections, then you can be overlooked or misused by not having a vehicle that can help you stay in touch with the game. If we are able to make even one connection by providing the right information to those who desire it, then we are doing the community a service that has been needed for a long time.

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Top 5 Player Development Tools

 Ball Handling: This is probably the most important aspect for players! The game is controlled by the ball and therefor all players need to be adequately adept at handling the tool that controls the game and all who play it!

 Footwork: How do you build a house? Probably from the ground up and a player is no different. When training and athlete, their foundation is extremely important in maintaining balance and movement. Therefor footwork is essential both offensively and defensively!

 Passing: All players must understand the value of possession! This is highlighted when the technique of passing is on display. Most turnovers or roughly 95% of all turnovers occur from the pass. Therefor it is a must that players understand the value of the pass and the importance of how, when, where, and why of passing!

 Shooting: Although shooting is what gets every player started in basketball, it’s not the end-all of the game and development! Players today have varying styles of shooting and coaches are always trying to teach the textbook style of shooting. However it’s been proven over the years that it’s all in the release. Just ask George McGinnis, who led the NBA in scoring shooting with one hand or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is the all-time leading scorer with the “sky-hook”!

 Mindset: Every player will need to develop a good mindset for the game! It’s not rocket surgery, but instead it’s just learning to make the correct decision, using the correct skill, at the correct time in a game. This requires the age old questioning of who, what, when, where, why, and how! Using this process throughout the development of skill will help players tremendously!

Who’s the Greatest Player? Here it from The Greatest!

We often hear about how Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time? Do you know who Wilt Chamberlain is? Do you know the achievements of this athlete and what he actually accomplished in the game? How about Bill Russell and what he accomplished?

Our modern game can claim some titles for best players who have achieved success but every time this happens there is always an argument for who is the greatest player who is the greatest team? Guess what we will never come to terms with who actually wins this argument because different eras require different talents and strategies! I guess the only thing we can do is have a ranking system based on statistical facts that compare numbers only.

Team Mentality

How to get players to buy into the team make up or identity in order to be successful as a group and not a group of individuals. The job is not easy but it must be done as some coaches have stated but how do we get it done?

Communication is a rare form when it comes to today’s game. Most players especially at younger ages find it hard to communicate on court and that carries over to higher levels as a bad habit. Most players develop the bad habits based on the availability of information. The player of today would spend more time accepting the values of Youtube before they accept the values of hands on coaches trying to show them the proper way to prepare and play the game.

There are more and more videos available of the individual spectacular moves that the need for fundamentals have been lost by players. This drives the aspect of individualism more so than ever. It carries over into the team environment and creates separatism amongst the group. The aspect of scoring and the over inflated emphasis on scoring the ball has also magnified the me first attitude.

Hoops Talk

The journey has just begun! It’s time to connect the world and take this game to higher levels! Hoops Connection can be the platform that makes a difference.

Are you willing to make a difference with this game that we all love dearly? If so make sure to get your profile, start publishing your achievements, and get people looking for your services!

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