About Us

As a former professional player and current coach and scout. I decided that there is a vast community of people associated with this great sport of ours but we are very fragmented in our different regions and expertise.
My goal is to bridge the gaps and connect the worldwide community in one convenient location, where everyone can associate and use the services of each other as needed.
If you are a player looking for an opportunity, then develop a profile here and get in contact with those who can use your services. This applies to agents looking for players and coaches. Coaches looking for teams, players and agents. Teams looking for coaches, players, and agents as well.

Even if you are a scout, like me, this would be a great resource to find potential talent and put your skills to work, networking in a fantastic community of like minds.
Hoops Connection is not limited to connecting basketball services! If you have a service, software, videos, clothing apparel, anything basketball-related that you want the community to know about, this is the place to share it!