Top 5 Player Development Tools

 Ball Handling: This is probably the most important aspect for players! The game is controlled by the ball and therefor all players need to be adequately adept at handling the tool that controls the game and all who play it!

 Footwork: How do you build a house? Probably from the ground up and a player is no different. When training and athlete, their foundation is extremely important in maintaining balance and movement. Therefor footwork is essential both offensively and defensively!

 Passing: All players must understand the value of possession! This is highlighted when the technique of passing is on display. Most turnovers or roughly 95% of all turnovers occur from the pass. Therefor it is a must that players understand the value of the pass and the importance of how, when, where, and why of passing!

 Shooting: Although shooting is what gets every player started in basketball, it’s not the end-all of the game and development! Players today have varying styles of shooting and coaches are always trying to teach the textbook style of shooting. However it’s been proven over the years that it’s all in the release. Just ask George McGinnis, who led the NBA in scoring shooting with one hand or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is the all-time leading scorer with the “sky-hook”!

 Mindset: Every player will need to develop a good mindset for the game! It’s not rocket surgery, but instead it’s just learning to make the correct decision, using the correct skill, at the correct time in a game. This requires the age old questioning of who, what, when, where, why, and how! Using this process throughout the development of skill will help players tremendously!